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Dual Numbers and Invariant Theory of the Euclidean Group with Applications to Robotics

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posted on 2021-11-13, 21:48 authored by Daher, Mohammed

In this thesis we study the special Euclidean group SE(3) from two points of view, algebraic and geometric. From the algebraic point of view we introduce a dualisation procedure for SO(3;ℝ) invariants and obtain vector invariants of the adjoint action of SE(3) acting on multiple screws. In the case of three screws there are 14 basic vector invariants related by two basic syzygies. Moreover, we prove that any invariant of the same group under the same action can be expressed as a rational function evaluated on those 14 vector invariants.  From the geometric point of view, we study the Denavit-Hartenberg parameters used in robotics, and calculate formulae for link lengths and offsets in terms of vector invariants of the adjoint action of SE(3). Moreover, we obtain a geometrical duality between the offsets and the link lengths, where the geometrical dual of an offset is a link length and vice versa.


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Donelan, Peter; McGuiness, Mark