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Data Acquisition and Dissemination for the Internet of Nano Things

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posted on 2023-09-22, 01:43 authored by Yu, Hang

Electromagnetic-based Wireless NanoSensor Networks (EM-WNSNs) operating in the Terahertz band (0.1 THz – 10 THz) will enable nano-scale applications and stimulate the evolution from the Internet of Things (IoT) to the Internet of Nano Things (IoNT). Data delivery, which is one of the key functionalities of EM-WNSNs, faces three major challenges that will affect network performance: the frequency-selective channel in the THz band due to molecular absorption, the limited ability to support networking functions due to their small size, and the limited bandwidth of the existing infrastructure for transferring sensed data to the Internet. However, to date, limited amount of research on data delivery has been done to address the peculiarities of IoNT from the networking perspective.  To fill the gap, in this thesis, data acquisition and dissemination solutions are studied for IoNT to improve the resource utilization efficiency during data delivery. Different from existing literatures that focus on standalone nanonetworks, this thesis investigates solutions for connecting nanodevices to the Internet.  In detail, the contributions of this thesis are composed of four components: First, a preliminary study namely the Channel-aware Forwarding (CForward) is conducted on multi-hop forwarding for THz networks; second, the On-demand Probabilistic polling (OP polling) is developed for IoNT with dynamic IoT bandwidth and channel conditions; third, a TTLbased Efficient Forwarding (TEForward) is designed for the polling-based nanonetworks under dynamic channel conditions; fourth, the Enhanced Adaptive Pulse Interval Scheduling (EAPIS) is implemented to collect data from event-based nanonetworks under limited IoT bandwidth.


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Seah, Winston; Ng, Bryan