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A Protection Motivation Theory Approach to Home Wireless Network Security in New Zealand: Establishing If Groups of Concerned Wireless Network Users Exist And Exploring Characteristics of Behavioral Intention

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posted on 2023-02-23, 01:00 authored by DiGiusto, Dennis Michael

Threats arising from wireless hacking have been recently acknowledged both within academic literature and in the mainstream media. Additionally, it has been reported that many users of wireless networks make no attempt to activate security measures on their networks. This report replicates and expands upon research found in Woon, Tan and Low (2005) in order to ascertain characteristics of home wireless network users in New Zealand. The first research area asks the question: aside from the people who activate and those who do not, are there also people who are worried about wireless security and those who are not? This was proven to be true and that there is indeed a subgroup of wireless router users in New Zealand who are worried about wireless security. The second research area seeks to determine what factors affect a person's intention to enable or not enable security features on a home wireless network. The results showed that: The more people notice an increase in the degree of risk posed by wireless hacking, the more they feel like they could autonomously enable security features. The more people feel vulnerable to threats of wireless hacking, the more they feel that they would need help in setting up security features on their wireless network. The more people feel susceptible to wireless hacking, the more they feel that enabling security features would require extra efforts of time and money on their part. In order to get users to secure wireless networks, they must be convinced that enabling security features will deter hacker attacks. In order to get users to secure networks they need to feel that they could actually enable security features by themselves without some form of human assistance to help them do it.


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