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A New Two-Stage Evolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization

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posted on 2020-10-29, 00:46 authored by Y Sun, Bing XueBing Xue, Mengjie ZhangMengjie Zhang, GG Yen
© 1997-2012 IEEE. Convergence and diversity are interdependently handled during the evolutionary process by most existing many-objective evolutionary algorithms (MaOEAs). In such a design, the degraded performance of one would deteriorate the other, and only solutions with both are able to improve the performance of MaOEAs. Unfortunately, it is not easy to constantly maintain a population of solutions with both convergence and diversity. In this paper, an MaOEA based on two independent stages is proposed for effectively solving many-objective optimization problems (MaOPs), where the convergence and diversity are addressed in two independent and sequential stages. To achieve this, we first propose a nondominated dynamic weight aggregation method by using a genetic algorithm, which is capable of finding the Pareto-optimal solutions for MaOPs with concave, convex, linear and even mixed Pareto front shapes, and then these solutions are employed to learn the Pareto-optimal subspace for the convergence. Afterward, the diversity is addressed by solving a set of single-objective optimization problems with reference lines within the learned Pareto-optimal subspace. To evaluate the performance of the proposed algorithm, a series of experiments are conducted against six state-of-The-Art MaOEAs on benchmark test problems. The results show the significantly improved performance of the proposed algorithm over the peer competitors. In addition, the proposed algorithm can focus directly on a chosen part of the objective space if the preference area is known beforehand. Furthermore, the proposed algorithm can also be used to effectively find the nadir points.


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Sun, Y., Xue, B., Zhang, M. & Yen, G. G. (2019). A New Two-Stage Evolutionary Algorithm for Many-Objective Optimization. IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 23(5), 748-761.

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IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation





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