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Fostering Sense of Community and Healthy Communities: Exploring Participatory Planning Processes for Cultural Diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand

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posted on 2024-02-08, 16:47 authored by Yiwen CuiYiwen Cui, Bruno Marques, Morten Gjerde
In the island nation of Aotearoa New Zealand, the reality of cultural diversity brought about by the history of migration and increased globalisation places more diverse demands on social and cultural frameworks. These diverse demands in relation to different cultures represent a range of community interests and needs, which participatory planning processes can respond to and draw out for representation in public open space planning and design, thereby promoting healthy, active, and equitable communities. It is also the community participation that is trying to create a higher sense of community and enhance health/well-being for a wider range of population and ethnicity. Society should not only accept and maintain this cultural difference; it is also necessary to effectively incorporate these different perspectives from multiple ethnic groups into the community participation process. This research aims to investigate preferences for different participatory planning processes among New Zealand European, Māori, Chinese, and Pasifika community members, with the objective of identifying the most effective approaches. To achieve this, a series of focused discussions were conducted through independent focus groups representing each ethnic group. Through these discussions, the study explored participants' experiences with participatory planning processes and their outcomes, while also examining the influence of cultural backgrounds on their preferred methods of community participation. This focus on equity ensures that health-promoting strategies are tailored to the specific cultural contexts, promoting fairness in the distribution of resources and opportunities for health and well-being. By analysing and discussing the similarities and differences in preferences across the different ethnic groups, this research aims to provide insights into effective strategies for encouraging a sense of community in Aotearoa New Zealand. This research will shed light on the critical role of participatory planning processes in creating healthier, more active, and equitable communities. It will emphasize the need to embrace cultural diversity and effectively incorporate the perspectives of multiple ethnic groups into community participation processes. Ultimately, the study's findings will offer practical guidance for policymakers, planners, and practitioners in fostering healthy, active, equitable, and vital communities as integral components of government policies and community development practices.


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Cui, Y., Marques, B. & Gjerde, M. (2023, November). Fostering Sense of Community and Healthy Communities: Exploring Participatory Planning Processes for Cultural Diversity in Aotearoa New Zealand. In 19th International Conference on Urban Health, Atlanta, Georgia, the United States (pp. 77-78).

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19th International Conference on Urban Health

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