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Nilesh Bakshi


  • A natural ventilation “calculator”: The challenge of defining a representative ‘performance sketch’ in practice and research
  • Beyond recovery: measuring ventilation strategies and their impact on energy
  • Carbon Sequestration and Habitat Provisioning through Building-Integrated Vegetation: A Global Survey of Experts
  • Establishing Natural Ventilation Performance in Early Design
  • A Natural Ventilation Calculator.
  • Appropriate Dwelling Spaces in Social Housing
  • A Household Occupants’ User Guide.
  • A low energy Community? A comparative study of Eco-Villages around the world
  • Beyond the Community Garden
  • Designing for the Elderly in Social Elderly Care Facilities.
  • Designing with External Wall Insulation at Residential Scale
  • Emerging Technologies: The cost of designing in timber.
  • Interpreting traditional cost contingency methods in the construction industry
  • Understanding the user perceptions of the public and private threshold in intensive housing design in Wellington, New Zealand
  • Elderly Care: Designing Based on Occupant Perceptions
  • Understanding Measures of Density
  • User Perceptions of the Public/Private Threshold within Intensive Housing
  • The intersection of carbon sequestration and habitat provision in built environments: building rating tools comparison
  • Facilitating community gardening and urban agriculture.
  • Semi-automated simulations: Know your schedules
  • Developing Remote Residential Construction Methods.
  • Exploring Methods for Quantifying Density.
  • Evaluating Computer Aided Design Tools for Building Performance
  • Habitat Provisioning

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