Open Access Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University of Wellington

Carol Harrington


  • Governmentality and the power of transnational women's movements
  • Taking the Crime out of Sex Work: New Zealand Sex Workers' Fight for Decriminalisation. Gillian Abel, Lisa Fitzgerald, and Catherine Healy, with Aline Taylor (Eds.) (2010) Bristol: Policy press
  • Politicization of sexual violence: From abolitionism to peacekeeping
  • Resolution 1325 and post-Cold War feminist politics
  • Gender Policy Models and Calls to “Tackle Demand” for Sex Workers
  • Feminist Killjoys and Women Scorned: An Analysis of News and Commentary on the Sexual Violence Allegations Against Julian Assange
  • Governing peacekeeping: The role of authority and expertise in the case of sexual violence and trauma
  • Collaborative research with sex workers
  • Governing sex workers in Timor Leste
  • Prostitution policy models and feminist knowledge politics in New Zealand and Sweden
  • Agency and social identity: Resistance among Pakeha New Zealand mothers
  • The politics of rescue
  • What is “Toxic Masculinity” and Why Does it Matter?
  • Imagining the Feminist Revolution. Review of Victoria Margree’s Neglected or Misunderstood: The radical feminism of Shulamith Firestone

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