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posted on 05.07.2021, 22:18 by Srisomnuk, Charunsap

This research investigates the impacts of urban surfaces that are influencing human behaviours and experiences. A variety of surface conditions are seen in most public places, and they seem to have some influence on people.

Why do people love sitting on the grass? what is it about the grass that gets people to sit on or lie down? If by assuming the soft condition of it, it would probably not be a case or enough reason for people to seat themselves. What the grass speaks to you is that the earthiness of its layers to the tip of the leaf is prompting you to feel in a certain way. This can be out of one’s consciousness in everyday life. It might not always be seen clearly through bodily interaction, but the conversation between the particular surface and user is what interesting here.

As we all might have seen the Tactical Ground Surface Indicator is designed for blind people, and that’s how the conversation creates between them. As they are paying attention to the surface, it speaks back but in a more guiding way rather than making one feel the experience of the place.


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