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The State of Competitive Intelligence within  New Zealand Private and Public Sector Organisations: a Comparison Study of Competitive Intelligence within New Zealand in 2009

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posted on 2021-11-10, 05:36 authored by Skerrett, Tony

Globalisation and rapid technology advancements are having a profound change on the competitiveness of local and global markets, and shaping the New Zealand marketplace. New Zealand companies are not just competing against other New Zealand companies, but are also competing against global companies. Competitive intelligence is critical for informing vital business decisions and potentially for the viability of a company. The purpose of this study was to research the state of competitive intelligence within the New Zealand private and public sectors and benchmark them against a similar study by Trengrove and Vryenhoek (1997). This research report further explores the relationship between knowledge management and competitive intelligence by examining the culture of competitive intelligence in an information (knowledge) economy through the analysis of competitive intelligence attitudes (Rouach and Santi 2001), 'Strategic Protection Factors' (Rothberg and Erickson, 2005), value and mindset of managing knowledge, and competitive intelligence within New Zealand companies.


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