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The Influences of Performers and Composers on Selected  Violin Works of Johannes Brahms

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posted on 11.11.2021, 23:27 by Lee, Joanna

Joseph Joachim was the most influential violinist in Brahms’s life. Not only did the pair have a close personal friendship, but they also admired and respected each other on a professional level. Their high esteem and appreciation for each other led to performance and compositional collaborations. One of the most beloved and well-known works of Brahms’s violin music, the Violin Concerto, was dedicated to Joachim. Indubitably, Joachim influenced the Violin Concerto. Regardless, there are many debates on how much of an input Joachim had on the concerto. In order to examine the influences of performers and composers on selected violin works of Johannes Brahms, the three sections in this paper will investigate Joachim and Brahms, then discuss the importance of a performer-composer’s relationship in the 19th century and, finally, assess the amount of Joachim’s influence on the Brahms Violin Concerto. Each category will have an introduction and information presented in a biographical form, a historical form and musical analysis. Some of the following analysis may be hypothetical, yet, a possibility. Further part of my research will conclude with a recital programme consisting of the Beethoven Violin Concerto in D major, Op. 61, I. Allegro Ma Non Troppo, Brahms Sonata No. 3 in D minor, Op. 108, Sonatensatz/Scherzo movement of the F-A-E Sonata, and Hungarian Dances No. 1, 5 and 7. This will take place on June 18, 2011 in the Adam Concert Room at New Zealand School of Music at 10:30 A.M.


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