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The Illusion of Separateness, a Philosophical Study of Nursing and Naturopathic Practice: Healing Connections Between People

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posted on 2021-11-03, 02:26 authored by Kingsbury, Katherine Margaret

This thesis describes the journey of a practicing Independent Nurse Practitioner and Naturopath towards the understanding of the illusion of separateness and what this could mean in terms of health and healing generally and specifically through the stories of five clients. The study reveals through these stories how the practice developed over time in relation to this idea.  As a result of personal experience, clinical practice and my quest for knowledge I have come to a consideration that what stops or blocks us realizing that we all have an innate potential for self-healing is the illusion of separateness; that is, believing we are beings separate from each other and separate from the rest of nature.  The thesis is presented as a narrative and begins with an account of the events in the practitioner's life that lead to the specific study of natural therapies and the development of a cohesive practice using holistic health practices from a nursing perspective. The text essentially describes the process of establishing a private practice combining two disciplines of Nursing and Naturopathy in New Zealand. The study reveals how a nurse and naturopath's practice is based on the premise that it is crucial to recognise that the personal life and professional life of the nurse inform and influence each other and are always part of the process of care in such a practice.  Three healing modalities that are central to the practice are described in detail. The description is informed by theory and research from nursing, the social sciences and the natural sciences. The study reveals the practical value of postmodern nurse theorists, Jean Watson and Margaret Newman to this practice. This study also briefly discusses the concepts from quantum theory, evolutionary theory and psychoneuroirnmunology that are used in the practice.  The thesis reveals one nurse's journey of practice development using contemplation and reflection that records an important aspect that has already benefited clients and the community where the practice occurs.


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