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The Great Migration

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posted on 2024-02-29, 13:07 authored by Chunnan Liu

The issue of high-density housing and sustainability is a critical concern for rapidly growing urban areas. This academic essay proposes a solution to this problem by implementing apartment complexes designed to promote sustainability and address the housing shortage in the city. Addressing the urgent issue of high-density housing and sustainability in urban expanses undergoing rapid growth, this research concentrates on the potential of existing apartment redesign and adaptation within Wellington central area. In response to the escalating demand for living spaces, this study proposes redesigning and adapting existing apartment as a critical strategy to achieve sustainability. This approach significantly minimizes waste associated with demolition and reconstruction, enhancing environmental stewardship. The proposed strategy aligns with the long-term sustainable urban development goals set forth by Wellington City Council, underscoring its relevance to current civic planning objectives. The research’s central focus is the potential optimization of existing dwellings. The study posits such dwellings as a viable solution to the problems associated with urban population growth, considering factors such as spatial maximization, adaptability, and the promotion of sustainable lifestyles. By rethinking the potential of existing structures and aligning design strategies with sustainable living principles, this research aims to contribute meaningfully to the discourse on urban living and environmental sustainability. This research seeks to formulate novel design methodologies informed by an exhaustive exploration of successful models relevant to existing housing. The goal is to establish a conceptual framework that efficiently utilizes limited space.

Overall, the proposed apartment complex is a promising solution to the challenges of high-density housing and sustainability in Wellington, New Zealand, by probing into urban living dynamics, future urban housing development balances the need for practicality and affordability with environmental responsibility. It aims to provide an informed perspective to stimulate more sustainable urban development in Wellington and beyond by weaving these strands together.


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