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The Creation of a Birthing Centre: Considering the Prevention of Post-Natal Depression.

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posted on 2023-03-14, 23:31 authored by Mazurkiewicz, Tanya

This thesis explores the notion of interior architecture as a tool in the prevention on of post natal depression. This research is part of a larger and current theoretical argument that places interior architecture in a catalyst role for the prevention of mental illness. Initial research shows that the act of giving birth and its physical and mental recovery are tightly linked to the potential development of depressive disorder. Accordingly this research will explore the spatial requirements for birthing with the prevention of mental disorder in mind. The design will be developed at the intersection of a series of criteria of spatial qualities in the prevention of depressive orders and evidence based hospital design parameters for birthing. This research aims to establish a comprehensive base guideline specific for the design of birthing centres, focusing on the prevention of post natal depression. The design here presented is a series of tests and assessment of this guideline.


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