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Tech-noiR: An Exploration of Interior Spaces in an Urban context generated by Emergent Technology

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posted on 2023-09-26, 23:58 authored by Jacob, Daniel Sebastian

Poor pedestrian and transportation circulation, overpopulation, expensive cost of living—these are some of the issues inherent to any urban metropolis around the world. As cities develop and grow, more job opportunities open up for people, which leads to the increase in city population. This growth affects the city’s lifestyle, leading to overpopulation, poor circulation and expensive cost of living within the urban centre. Influenced by the concept ‘time is of the essence’, urban living has become synonymous to an autonomous service stuck within a loophole. This lifestyle, now further propelled by the presence of technology, can prove to be detrimental to the inhabitants’ comfort and well-being. In order to adapt to an impending future of the urban areas, an alternative to future urban living using technology with a minimal yet comfortable dwelling must be provided.  The thesis proposes that emergent technology as a design-generating tool along with ergonomic design and depictions of visionary architecture are capable of producing an alternative to urban minimal dwellings in the future. It contends that these future urban minimal dwellings can be developed by: mapping and understanding emergent technologies potentially usable in interior architecture that can be developed into tools; collecting and analysing ergonomic principles and techniques appropriate to interior architecture; collecting and analysing literature about minimal dwelling in modern history; and analysing components and technologies used in depicted living spaces within selected filmography.


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