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Synergistic Riverfront - Facilitating Ecology and Sociality Within the Riverfront

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posted on 2022-04-14, 00:45 authored by Patel, Mayank

Across New Zealand, Rivers are the life and soul of our beloved land. However, severe unprecedented events such as Floods are damaging our riverfronts. Thus due to an increase in floods levels and also polluted waste is becoming notoriously uncontrollable and unstable, which is causing sociality to decrease and ecology to deteriorate and diminish near the Riverfront, thus losing both History and spirit of Wai. The Hutt river is a very scared and significant place, and the River stretches approximately 56km. This Research aims to counteract and mitigate the severe Environmental problems, by making and structuring the Hutt River the centre of life in the Lower Hutt area , allowing to create and facilitate a better Ecological and human connections around the Riverfront whilst Mitigating Flooding and providing opportunities for designs that work as a synergy that serves the purpose of benefiting the environment as a whole Simultaneously.

The Methodology of this the project takes an unorthodox approach to redesigning the Hutt Riverfront. Through conducting rigorous site analysis and observation studies around the Riverfront to find and understand how the space is experienced, utilized and what purpose it has for both Sociality and Ecology. The design framework was strategically concise and Informative, relating to the Integrated design principles that related and responded to the research question and that had a significant purpose in enhancing the space and addressing the flood predicament. The design was inspired by a form of Synergistic thinking and technical mitigation design strategies. Th final design is a Synergistic riverfront, that does and affords much more then it is intend to do, meaning the Synergistic integration of all these design qualities can form and create a positive environment that benefits various spaces with the realm of Landscape .

Summarising and Simplifying the Research Question - How can we use Landscape Architecture to Bring Users closer towards Nature, which will act as a starting catalysis for this project, from there the project will look to find a new solution on how the Hutt River Area can become a more Resilient space for both humans and Nature. Going back, the Primary Goal is to get man close to the edge of Nature from the city centre. The Lower Hutt Riverfront has a chance to become a place where humans can work, play, relax, learn and Interact with nature and its Ecology in the surrounding environment.

The River has the Power that Influences Sociality and Ecology. A healthy river can help provide the necessary Kaitiakitanga Spirit, that can help heal and support the surrounding factors of a river (Sociality and the Ecology of the space). A disrespected river carries pollutants and evil spirits that contaminates our beautiful surroundings.

The study and design is Respected by Kaitiakitanga, due to the Sacredness and spiritual essence of the Te Awa Kairangi River. Moving forward, the research study conducted, thoroughly Investigates and studies theorists to gain an understanding of their theoretical views/standpoints and position it into this project, A Important and a significant method of understanding the space around us, which can help designers create a more and meaningful relationship with human and nature that deeply rooted to the life on land also the major portion of the research is examining, studying and critiquing previous and current designs of the Hutt River project/Riverlink, to also understand the Methodology, creation and technical knowledge of design from a different perspective. To myself Kaitiakitanga, means inspiring users to take care and protect our local environment through the means of taking initiatives whether it’s though the means of education, community engagement orientated projects or through Inspiration/Inspiring incidents, which can highly motivate the people to take Initiative and action for the greater good.


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