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Spatializing the Image

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posted on 2021-12-08, 16:00 authored by Batchelor, Joseph

Modern society has become ocular-centric as a result of technological development making the production and distribution of images easier than ever before. This ocular bias extends to architecture. Rather than resisting the increasingly ocular-centric nature of our social-media driven culture, this research aims to find new methods for designing space which incorporate a tactile process. This process simultaneously focuses on the creation of marketable perspectives. Through this research I advocate for tactility in the design process to evoke spatial awareness of the image.  This research portfolio operates through a design-led research methodology where knowledge is uncovered by designing. Hundreds of models were produced and critically reflected upon in terms of both their process and outcome. The research culminates with the development of a design process centred on using architectural models as design tools. Referred to as devices, these models are spatial systems that are able to be manipulated by hand to alter the composition of a perspective view. Although focusing on the image, the physicality of the devices implicate spatial awareness in the design process ensuring the design is considered in both two and three dimensions.  A design for the proposed Kapiti Island Biosecurity Gateway Centre formed an architectual testing ground which was used to evalute the design process developed in this research. Influenced by the design process the architecture itself also became an optical device. The resulting design controls and composes views through concealing, revealing, superimposing, aligning and framing particular elements. The final outcome provides visitors with a choreographed journey of highly considered perspective compositions


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