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This design-led research will respond to two key criteria; first, creating an accessible and sustainable coastal environment, and secondly, the idea of keeping the informal and relaxed nature of the New Zealand coastal housing lifestyle which currently exists.

The coastline is a zone where the New Zealand lifestyle and cultural identity is manifest. It has deeply rooted with cultural and historic ties which are significant to Maori both spiritually and physically. Architecture defines the character of the region by balancing social and cultural needs of the location. Development along the coastline is an expression of what we are as a culture and has an immense opportunity to create environments that reflect contemporary ideas of the city, society, and culture.

The waterfront is seen as a New Zealand icon and makes up island living. Surrounded by continuous beaches and a dramatic coastline, the country enjoys powerful connections to its waterfronts. Living by the sea can be seen as the kiwi dream.

If we wish to continue to occupy the coastline, it is important that we are still able to enjoy it while not ruining the landscape around us.

While the research responds to one site only, this thesis of eight chapters will also be able to raise the broader argument of how these findings can be adapted to similar coastal sites in New Zealand. The nature of this research will be able to generate the possibility for further exploration of creating more housing on coastlines while retaining low-impact and sympathetic designs environmentally.


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