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Renwicktown : a study of a rural community considered as a background to problems of education

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posted on 14.12.2021, 22:17 by Godsiff, Patricia Mary
"With due regard to realism and administration practicability discuss the need for child guidance clinics in New Zealand, and the more important problems involved in organising them."
This quotation resembles a stone thrown into a pool from which a number of ripples radiate all having the same centre. It raises related questions in every field of education, some of which must be solved before the central question can be answered with any finality. In the mind of a student living in Renwicktown, a small rural community in the Province of Marlborough, it could not fail to raise the questions: "How does this affect the country child? How great is the need for guidance in the small community? And most important: " Would parents and teachers avail themselves of clinical services if they were provided?" Three questions require to be answered by the persons concerned.


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