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Redesigning housing for older people in China

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posted on 18.05.2021, 23:12 by Cui, Chang
In the 1980s and early 1990s, due to the rapid growth of the real estate industry at the time, this time saw a trend towards the commoditization of homes. Driven by the interests of real estate, the excessive pursuit of volume ratio emerged in residential construction, which often sacrificed function to achieve profit maximization. As a result, there were a series of spatial design problems. Despite this, there are still many older people living in these low-quality dwellings that are no longer suitable for their life. Firstly, the construction of a large number of apartments and nursing homes for older people is a huge and expensive project in China. From the perspectives of finance, and the urgency of accommodating older people, the investment in the reconstruction of older dwellings is potentially lower cost than new buildings, and the scope of application is wide. Secondly, influenced by traditional culture, older people prefer to live near or together with their relatives in familiar surroundings. Therefore, the rational redesign of old dwellings can alleviate some of the living pressure on older people. The thesis focuses on the living environment of older people over 60 years of age who are currently living in old dwellings from 1980s and has ability of self-care. The aim is to improve the current living environment of older people, redesign the existing poor conditions of their old dwellings, and provide better living quality for their future life. Furthermore, it is also to create new possibilities in the field of ageing-friendly renovation of old dwellings in China in the future. The thesis investigates the background of the research subjects and selects suitable subjects for redesign. The thesis provides a reference for how to improve older dwellings for older people using Universal Design principles.


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