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This thesis is set in a world similar to many pieces of science fiction literature and film. The world is fighting against the outbreak of a lethal and highly infectious pathogen that threatens to decimate the global population. The virus spreads quickly and has no current known cures or vaccines. Whilst the backdrop for this thesis is fictional, it addresses a very real concern that could face society. The research and outcomes of this thesis were based on a detailed study of quarantine solutions with the intention to quickly control and treat a virus pandemic. The focus was given to the architecture of emergency quarantine hospitals but also to a specific pathogen that this proposal is based upon, the H5N1 virus, more commonly known as Bird Flu. This thesis proposes to investigate a movable architecture dedicated to quarantine which can transport itself between cities and set up where it is most needed, be that in a busy city or a cluster of small villages. This allows for ease of access for those infected as well as quick integration back into society should those who are isolated respond well to treatment. The thesis will propose a potential direction for the further development of modern human quarantine, a system that will be ready and waiting for the day that it is desperately required.


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