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Perceptions of Motivational Teaching Strategies in an EFL Classroom: The Case of a Class in a Private University in Indonesia

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posted on 11.11.2021, 21:51 by Kassing, Rachmania Bachtiar

Students’ motivation in an English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom is affected by their perceptions of the teaching strategies used. These perceptions are influenced by the context in which they learn. This study aims to explore both tertiary students’ and their lecturers’ perceptions of teaching strategies that both groups consider impact on students’ motivation in learning EFL in an eastern region of Indonesia. This study used a qualitative research methodology. The case was composed of one cohort of student-teachers and their EFL lecturers in one Teacher Training and Education Faculty of one private university in the area of Sulawesi Island of Indonesia. The data were collected from semi-structured individual interviews with EFL (English as a Foreign Language) lecturers and focus groups with student- teachers. Both the lecturers and the student-teachers agreed that creating and maintaining relationships was a highly effective strategy to motivate students in an EFL classroom. However, the findings also showed that the two groups of participants put different values on the teaching strategies employed by EFL lecturers in this context. The study also found that some EFL lecturers were not aware of how some of the strategies that they used in teaching English impacted on their learners’ motivation. Lecturers’ time commitments outside this university proved to be a significant challenge in maximizing the use of some motivational teaching strategies in teaching English. These findings raise implications for lecturers’ practice. By being more aware of how students view specific teaching strategies in the EFL classroom, teachers can enhance students’ motivation, by generating, maintaining and building on initial motivation.


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Tait, Carolyn; Gleeson, Margaret