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Occupation Immersive

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posted on 2021-06-27, 21:16 authored by Han, Ryuki

In a working environment where employee poaching and regular staff turnovers are common, the culture of an office is at the core of company loyalty and organisationalsustainability. This being said, many companies still lack the knowledge andunderstanding of their own work place, resulting in a disconnected understanding of whatspatial qualities benefit employee well-being. This Thesis proposes an innovated and unprecedented methodology in which a deeper understanding between officeend user and work place are explored. Through the implementation of immersivevirtual technologies such as 3D scanning and virtual reality, a deeper understandingof the worker and workplace can be facilitated. Explored through literature, theabilities of immersive virtual technologies allow for the potential of an alternative spatialenvironment in which users inhabit space. This methodology, tested through a pilot and case study, concur the potential of extracting connections between users and space at both an emotional and technical level. As such, the resulting data informs the design proposals, creating solutions that are cultured by the emotional connections extracted between user and office, as well as the spatial qualities needed to promote wellbeing.

The proposed research methodology fruitions the possibility to identify the intangible quality of office culture within existing work places, providing opportunities to improve the spatial quality and in turn enhance the well-being of the end users. Ultimately, providing ahigher and more tangible understanding between architect, client and workplace.


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Occupation Immersive - An innovative methodology to improve the spatial quality, well-being and understanding of contemporary office spaces and their users.

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