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Normal Faulting and Volcanism in the Kora 3D Seismic Volume

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posted on 2021-11-22, 11:59 authored by Hurst, Ian

The spatial and temporal relationship between normal faulting and volcanism in offshore Western North Island, New Zealand can be used to gain insight into basin formation, hydrocarbon resources, regional tectonics, and large subduction processes. It is hypothesised that there is a causal relationship between volcanic activity and faulting, however, within the Taranaki Kora 3D seismic volume (survey) this relationship has not yet been explored. The overall aim of this thesis was to map and identify whether there is a relationship between volcanism and normal faulting within the Kora 3D survey.  A causal relationship in location and timing between volcanic processes and fault activity was discovered in this study. Two novel models were created to explain the creation of the local stress leading to this causal relationship. The first model uses intrusive magma build up and the second extrusive cone building to explain the changes in local stress. These models not only support the causal relationship between volcanism and faulting activity but also provide a new understanding into how Kora volcanic cone activity may have influenced active faulting in the Kora 3D survey.  Application of this new information will allow innovative insights into basin formation, regional and local tectonics, and subducting plate geometry in the Taranaki Basin. This research could be utilized to increase knowledge for prospecting and reduce geologic uncertainty, which is of importance for the New Zealand petroleum industry at this northern end of the Taranaki Basin.


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