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Next Generation Architect

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posted on 2021-12-08, 20:20 authored by Le Compte, Terian

The stereotype of an architect is expensive, with minimal consideration and awareness towards cost and budget. This is damaging the reputation of the profession. This thesis will look at the Next Generation Architect who combines both design and construction to understand the cost implications from the start to the completion of the project. A Next Generation Architect works with an innovative approach that is more affordable to how they currently practice. They design houses that are both economical and retain a strong design quality, through the value of the aesthetics, materials, and living conditions. An effective architect should be able to design, mindful of costs, along with the implications involved and actively manage the costs, based on design decisions made.  This research will commence by exploring tactics of affordability, housing economics, and costing and design tactics, to portray exemplars of affordable housing. Elements will be costed with data from QV costbuilder implemented through the use of Building information modelling (BIM) through Revit. The architectural value will explore the use of materials, living conditions, economics, and lifecycle to optimise the design. A series of precedents will be analysed to gain an understanding of the techniques of affordable methods used within New Zealand’s construction industry.  This thesis aims to provide architecturally designed and preliminarily costed affordable architectural products. Through a series of architecturally designed standalone houses that explore affordability, and tested through the use of architecture as a product across four sites, displaying different site conditions of the Wellington region.  This thesis will portray efficient, economic building and design techniques and cost monitoring while retaining a strong architectural quality.  The aim is to convey the contemporary role of a Next Generation Architect who works accurately with value. Who is mindful of costs and designs economically, without compromising the quality of an architecturally designed product.


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