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Logic-Based Conflict Analysis and Resolution

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posted on 2021-11-09, 19:45 authored by Lempp, David Frieder Georg

The aim of this thesis is to explore the extent to which formal logic can be applied to the topic of conflict analysis and conflict resolution. It is motivated by the idea that conflicts can be understood as inconsistent sets of goals, beliefs, norms, emotions, or the like. To achieve this aim, two formal frameworks are presented. Conflict Modelling Logic (CML) is a logical system, based on branching-time temporal logic, which can be used to describe and interpret conflicts. Conflict Resolution Logic (CRL) is a set of five algorithms, inspired by the AGM model of belief revision, which can be used to generate possible solutions to conflicts. Furthermore, two numerical measures for the 'potential conflict power' of propositional formulae and the 'degree of inconsisteny' of sets of propositional formulae are introduced. The two measures allow one to assess the role of particular elements within a conflict and the depth of a conflict. The formal framework is illustrated with the example conflict of the Second Congo War.


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