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Landscape Sub(Vert.)Urbanity: a model for integrating gardens, as an architectural device, into higher density housing to encourage New Zealanders to live in the inner city

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posted on 2021-11-14, 08:55 authored by Fraser, Annabel

New Zealanders continue to resist higher density housing as a way of living. The detached house in the suburbs remains the preferred housing choice for most.  This proposal addresses the key attributes required for higher density living adoption as identified by the Centre for Housing Research, Aotearoa New Zealand (2011). Furthermore, this central Wellington proposal includes additional design features that increase the desirability of this type of housing to the suburban market.  Combined, these and other drivers create a new typology of higher density housing in which vertical and other garden types bring a verdant living option to inner city Wellington.  Key considerations include creating high levels of amenity: gardens, solar access and privacy to produce a vertical neighbourhood that balances collective and private amenity.  The proposal provides three housing typologies (maisonettes, terraces, park houses) to accommodate household diversity to target various stages of the family cycle.   This inner city proposal also demonstrates how public amenity access can be used to offset the (perceived) loss of amenity when moving from the suburbs. By drawing from the public amenity-rich city, the need for private amenities is minimised. Furthermore, just as the surrounding city contributes amenity to these dwellings, this proposal illustrates that this kind of development can in turn contribute back to the city.


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