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Intra-national travel and familiarisation with a new home: A case study of travelling professional workers in Da Nang and Hoi An, Vietnam

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posted on 2021-11-14, 04:58 authored by Tran, My Nguyen Diem

This thesis examines the relationship between the intra-national travel behaviour of travelling professional workers (TPWs) and their familiarisation with the host country as their new home. It aims to provide a better understanding of the relationship between tourism and migration. A conceptual framework is developed to illustrate the context and direction of this study.  This research is a case study performed by employing semi-structured, in-depth interviews. A total of 34 interviews were conducted with TPWs in the hospitality and tourism industry in Da Nang and Hoi An (Vietnam). Collected data were coded into prominent themes using an analytical framework developed by the researcher.  This thesis found that the intra-national travel behaviour of TPWs is related to their familiarisation with the host country as their new home. In particular, the intra-national travel motivations of TPWs reveal their desire to become familiar with a new home. In relation to intra-national travel patterns, volume of travel, choice of destinations and activities are found to have an impact on TPWs’ familiarisation with a new home. This study also found that intra-national travel experiences help them become familiar with their new home through the establishment of social relationships, by increasing their cultural familiarity, and through enhancing a sense of safety and security, psycho-socio wellbeing and life satisfaction. Moreover, travel companions and the most memorable experiences play a significant role influencing TPWs’ familiarisation with a new home.  An underlying concept for the whole topic, the notion of home, is explored and found to be influenced by a number of factors including physical exposure to the place, social relationships, psycho-socio wellbeing, life satisfaction, safety and security, cultural familiarity, local language skills and employment. In the case of TPWs, the concept of home often carries a temporary meaning rather than a permanent one due to their frequent movements. In addition to intra-national travel, this research found two aspects influencing the way by which TPWs make the host country their new home: ‘employment’ and ‘domestic partnership and family’. Nevertheless, the results of this study suggest that TPWs represent a resident international market and contribute to the development of the local tourism industry. Several recommendations are also made regarding TPWs’ settlement in the host country, and the opportunity for local marketers to capture the TPW market efficiently.


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