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Impact of Formal Educational Qualifications on the  Assessment by IS Managers of Their Own  Effectiveness

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posted on 2021-11-12, 01:02 authored by Tungngern, Pratoomthip

This study seeks to contribute to a better understanding of what role, if any, tertiary formal education contributes to the effectiveness of IS managers. The research question guiding this study is ‘How does the possession or otherwise of formal educational qualifications impact on the assessment by IS managers of their own effectiveness?’ This is a qualitative research using an interview method that allows participants to provide contextual information to describe specific outcomes. A non-probability sampling technique is used with a quota sampling size of 12. The inclusion characteristics were to be an IS manager, employed in IS/IT/ICT department and to work in the Wellington region of New Zealand. The significant findings in this study is that all participating IS managers perceived that formal education positively contributed to their managerial effectiveness. They perceived that formal education helped them to improve or gain new skill and provided them with formal tools and frameworks that they utilised in their jobs. Sampling within other industries and larger random samples could be undertaken to see if this research has given results that are representative of the IS industry and its recognition of formal education.


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