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Hidden Narratives: Augmented Reality to enhance cultural and historical values in the design of Lake Fuxian

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posted on 31.05.2021, 23:54 by Li, Yanran

The impacts of globalisation has lead towards the loss of culture, such as overpopulation, forestation and global intergration. The lost culture has mostly been preserved through written text and oral narratives as a way of illustrating a long-gone reality. Similarly, narratives have the power to connect people with imagination and allow them to experience the uniqueness of a specific site in their own terms. However, oral narrative and written text lacked the interaction between communities, or human to Landscape. New technologies have the potential to reconnect these oral narratives or written text with both the wider public and the site.

This research will explore the historical change of Lake Fuxian, from 500 million years ago to present day, through the illustration and experience of Landscape narratives. This research aims to utilize Augmented Reality as a way to physically connect to the past, while still retaining the existing landscape. Augmented Reality has the ability to combine many types of narratives, such as oral, written and drawn, resulting in an educated relationship to Lake Fuxian. Additionally, modernizing these narratives for a larger demographic such as visitors and locals to engage with the landscape, promoting respect for cultural diversity and adaption.


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