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Gender Discrimination – A Problem Behind Chinese Ghost Marriage

posted on 2024-02-27, 00:27 authored by Wang, Ruoheng

Animation has become a popular medium for exploring complex and culturally sensitive subjects. One such topic that has been the subject of much controversy both historically and in recent years is Chinese ghost marriage. This ancient traditional practice, which involves marrying deceased individuals, is steeped in history and customs, but has been criticized for perpetuating patriarchal norms and gender discrimination. This paper examines whether animation can be a powerful vehicle for exploring and critiquing the Chinese phenomenon of ghost marriage. It explores the benefits of using animation to raise awareness about the issue, and how the medium can be used to tell the stories of women affected by ghost marriage in a powerful and emotive way. It also considers the importance of approaching the topic with sensitivity and empathy, and the best practices for creating animation that can educate the public and inspire social change. Ultimately, this paper aims to demonstrate how the conventions and idiosyncrasies of animation can be effectively utilised to examine and challenge such a complex issue.


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