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Embracing the Block

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posted on 2021-12-09, 10:02 authored by Wezel, Daniel

With an estimated housing shortage of 150,000 homes in 2020, New Zealand is in urgent need of a new housing solution to keep up with demand. Given that families make up 70% of New Zealand households, attracting families towards inner-city living is the key to decreasing housing shortage and managing urban growth. The research investigates a housing model that is underutilised in New Zealand, but has the potential to accommodate families in high-density central city developments.  The European Perimeter Block (EPB) is a housing model prevalent in Europe’s largest cities, providing highly liveable urban housing at relatively high densities. Analysis of traditional EPB literature, contemporary EPB precedents and best-practice apartment design is combined with analysis of the New Zealand context to develop an extensive list of design strategies and criteria. This list provides a framework for the design of EPB housing in New Zealand cities. A subsequent design case study tests the applicability of the design strategies and criteria on a successful high-density housing development in Auckland’s CBD, with a focus on providing an attractive inner-city lifestyle for New Zealand families. The resulting outcome is a concise set of design criteria and a repertoire of strategies to usefully inform the design of an attractive EPB housing development in New Zealand cities.


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