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Embodied Architecture

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posted on 2021-11-12, 15:09 authored by Cameron, Beth

The human body is what we come to know the world by. Everything is relative. Using a body centred approach, the relationships held between the Body, Clothing and Architecture are explored through the identification of Skin, Intimacy and Boundary. Beginning with the layers and skins closest to the body, a process of building around and working out is used to establish an understanding of the relationships held between the three subjects. This methodological approach is used throughout the thesis, both theoretically and by design. The body is approached from a phenomenological perspective where experiential design methodologies are employed with the intent of altering the body’s understanding of itself; its lived experience, embodied cognition and sensory perception. Photographic images capture experiential design moments, translating and expressing the theories being discussed throughout. The architectural conditions studied are contained within the parameters of the domestic. This environment represents the most intimate architectural expression of the self, grounding the body in context. A 1:1 scale structural model identifies the potentials of what contemporary architecture can be and how it can act on and with the body to alter the lived experience. It generates dynamic spatial conditions, demonstrating architectures ability to engage with the body. The interactive spatial changes experienced stimulate both physical and psychological shifts and as a result generate new embodied experiences. As the body is used to ground the generative design processes, clothing and architecture are bought together through the amalgamation of skin, intimacy and boundary, resulting in the production of the Embodied Architecture structure. The theoretical basis for the production of this architectural intervention seeks to be pushed further, challenging contemporary architecture to engage the body and enrich the lived experience.


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