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Education and labour migration in Solomon Islands: Policy interaction between the education system and the labour market

posted on 22.11.2021, 20:17 by Parairae, Ezekiel

Education is considered, in every sense, as one of the fundamental factors of development. No country can achieve sustainable development and economic growth without a systematic education system. Education raises people’s productivity and competency to build a strong economy and society. Many different development theories have influence and inform education systems in many countries in different ways.  Solomon Islands’ education system has shifted from traditional knowledge to Western oriented style of learning influenced by different development ideas, modernisation, capitalism and globalisation. Traditional knowledge existed for many generations before the introduction of Western education system. The transition period encountered more policy setbacks, rejection of traditional knowledge and incoherent policy models. These transformations happened in the political spheres, social ideas and economic system, influenced by the modern education system.  Today, Solomon Islands’ economy and population are largely diverse across the country. The recognition of alternative opportunities available through diverse economies model by Gibson-Graham will help national policymakers to see different education priorities and development needs. Even with the rapid change in the state’s modern machineries, political system and institutions, more responsibility and cooperation is required to tackle the relation between education, migration and development. Education must empower people of ages and market levels to realise their full potentials by becoming an effective instrument to provide an answer for linking education, migration and development. The policy dialogue and discussion must open despite many agreements and disagreements.


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