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Echoes of Change: Game Driven Urban Regeneration

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posted on 2024-03-25, 15:06 authored by WanRan Jiang

Amidst the rapid urbanisation of modern cities, engaging citizens effectively in urban regeneration processes remains a formidable challenge. This study investigates the integration of game mechanics to facilitate negotiation among occupants, particularly within Urban Villages—a context where dense communities coexist alongside contemporary development initiatives. At its core, this research endeavours to design and implement an interactive tool empowering residents to participate actively in urban regeneration dialogues. Employing a research-through-design approach, the study outlines comprehensive objectives to create a user-friendly, game-like environment simulating architectural and urban design processes. The goal is to bridge the gap for non-specialists, enabling meaningful discussion engagement.

Through exploring gamification strategies, this investigation seeks to elucidate fundamental urban design characteristics. By democratising access to complex urban design concepts, the research aims to transform conventional urban regeneration discussions into participatory and inclusive dialogues.

This research presents a developed tool transcending specialist boundaries, empowering diverse stakeholders to contribute meaningfully to urban design decisions. Acknowledging limitations and addressing usability concerns raised by participants, this study is pioneering in democratising urban regeneration discussions.

In conclusion, this research represents a significant stride toward fostering inclusivity in urban regeneration, challenging conventional approaches to urban control through digital tools. It serves as a springboard for future research, advocating continuous refinement and broader integration within urban planning frameworks.


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