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Colour Sense Considered. The analysis of colour, light and volume in interior architectural spaces.

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posted on 2022-03-21, 02:04 authored by Pescini, Renee

This thesis examines the spatial comprehension and perception of architectural interior spaces through the diverse variables of colour, light and volume. The research methodology is through experimentation, adapted from the Stanford design thinking innovative design analysis process. The purpose of this research is to understand the effects of manipulating colour, light and volume in architectural interior spaces. This will be explored through various design strategies and techniques to achieve the desired experience and human emotional response in a positive atmospheric manner. This will allow architects and designers interested in applying colour, light and volume more efficiently within the interior built environment with the purpose to achieve certain atmospheric qualities and experiences. This thesis will be of particular interest to those designing to create atmospheric qualities and human emotional driven responses in interior architectural spaces. Pleasant and stimulating are the key human emotional responses that the research experiments and observations focus on.


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Perkins, Nat; Leah, Adele