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Bridging the Gap. Adaptive Reuse of Derelict Heritage Architecture

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posted on 2024-06-25, 03:06 authored by Rose Brooke

This research portfolio will demonstrate adaptive re-use as a technique to find usable solutions to protected heritage architecture that has fallen into disarray and is consequently unusable. This thesis aims to provide a precedent specifically for buildings of this condition, through adaptive reuse that respects the heritage significance while also encouraging a continuation of use in a modern context. This research is specifically centered around Carlile House, a category one heritage protected building that has fallen into disarray due to complications with landowners and the limitations from the buildings protected status. Using appropriate modern design, as well as heritage preservation techniques, this portfolio aims to generate a solution to Carlile House that benefits all parties and avoids neglect and eventually, demolition. The main outcome of this thesis is a proposed design that is relevant and informed by each previous stage, that satisfies restraints that have led to the building being left in a poor condition, creating a precedent for future projects of a similar nature. The importance of this work, is that it will contribute to this niche category of buildings that are currently dealt with case by case, and add to the material that sets out guidelines for buildings in similar situations.


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