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Borough in the Basin: An exploration into how urbanism can adapt and respond to the opportunities and limitations of a basins’ landform

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posted on 2021-09-20, 23:56 authored by Faid, Abraham

Basins have a finite amount of flat land with limited access and a single drainage catchment. These elements create both opportunities and limitations for urban development. The flatness of land allows for effective urban densification and the surrounding hills hinder sprawl. These surrounding hills create a single, well-defined drainage catchment setting up an ideal landscape for total stormwater management. As basins have an isolation risk there is a need for a resiliency framework in their urban design. In the context of Wellington’s hilly landscape, the shallow terrain of basins is valuable for urban development.

This research explores how urbanism can respond to the conditions of elevated basins, creating a dense urban fabric that is environmentally resilient. This exploration involves an analysis of the existing conditions of a chosen basin, Karori, through mapping and fieldwork, the development of a theoretical framework based on precedents and literature and a design process that enhances natural systems to increase amenity and encourage development.


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Martinez, Carles

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