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Birds(i)view 'An investigation of synergies between New Zealand avifauna and humans within habitat design'

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posted on 2022-11-16, 09:49 authored by McCormick, Jessica

It is naive to think human dominance of the landscape will stop; however, the way in which habitat restoration is implemented can be changed. Humans have forgotten we exist in a world of codependency and interactivity. Within design, ecological functions of place have not been taken into full consideration or disregarded completely, creating negative impacts to all involved. There is a growing need to find a balance between conservation and landscape architecture to therefore incorporate the wider environment into everyday interactions. Not only does this have an effective impact on connectivity, it reintroduces the opportunity for humans to engage with species and create an extension of identity other than oneself. In a world currently facing a climate change emergency, focus on restoring species habitats has become a strong component within landscape architecture although emphasis on human use of these places has been forgotten. This research examines synergies of habitat and human usewithin the Wellington town belt and experimentally build from the findings to re-imagine a middle ground of conversation and urban design. With aims to apply landscape knowledge to enhance human interaction with native New Zealand bird species, whilst also inspiring border thinking of ecology.


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