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Beyond the Podium : Olympic village design with a community focus.

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posted on 2023-07-22, 21:50 authored by Bussell, Danielle

The Olympic Games are a global event that brings with ita chance for a lasting legacy. The games showcase athletictalent, cultural exchange, and excellence, attracting attentionfrom around the world. In addition to the 16 days of competitionand extravagant ceremonies, hosting the Olympic Gamesalso offers a unique opportunity for a large city to undergoa complete overhaul and upgrade to an area of the city thatdesperately needs it. It is a chance to improve infrastructureand public transport, address long-standing issues, andprovide much-needed housing and facilities for the benefitof citizens. While hosting the games has its challenges, it isa chance to address pressing needs and create positivechange in the host community. However, the hosting of theOlympic Games has also been associated with severalnegative impacts, including waste, unfulfilled promises,and disadvantaged communities. This raises the question ofwhether it is possible to create a more balanced legacy,one that protects and nurtures the existing communities livingnear the Olympic Village. This thesis aims to explore how thedesign of the Olympic Village can support the developmentof community and individual well-being, mood, and brainfunction, while minimizing displacement and gentrification.

By understanding the potential benefits and drawbacks ofdifferent design elements, it may be possible to create amore sustainable and equitable Olympic Village that leavesa lasting positive impact.


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