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Art-Directed Composition in Dynamic Real Scenes

posted on 23.03.2021, 02:22 by Lohit Petikam

Art direction is crucial for films and games to maintain a cohesive visual style. This involves carefully controlling visual elements like lighting and colour to unify the director's vision of a story. With today's computer graphics (CG) technology 3D animated films and games have become increasingly photorealistic. Unfortunately, art direction using CG tools remains laborious. Since realistic lighting can go against artistic intentions, art direction is almost impossible to preserve in real-time and interactive applications. New live applications like augmented and mixed reality (AR and MR) now demand automatically art-directed compositing in unpredictably changing real-world lighting.

This thesis addresses the problem of dynamically art-directed 3D composition into real scenes. Realism is a basic component of art direction, so we begin by optimising scene geometry capture in realistic composites. We find low perceptual thresholds to retain perceived seamlessness with respect to optimised real-scene fidelity. We then propose new techniques for automatically preserving art-directed appearance and shading for virtual 3D characters. Our methods allow artists to specify their intended appearance for different lighting conditions. Unlike with previous work, artists can direct and animate stylistic edits to automatically adapt to changing real-world environments. We achieve this with a new framework for look development and art direction using a novel latent space of varied lighting conditions. For more dynamic stylised lighting, we also propose a new framework for art-directing stylised shadows using novel parametric shadow editing primitives. This is a first approach that preserves art direction and stylisation under varied lighting in AR/MR.


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Rhee, Taehyun

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Anjyo, Ken

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