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Annotated bibliography of the subclass Archosauria (Class : Reptilia) : Jan 1960 - Dec 1984

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posted on 2021-11-13, 19:50 authored by Lavas, John R.

The subclass Archosauria includes some of the most successful vertebrates to have evolved. Although traditionally viewed as 'cold-blooded' (= ectothermic) and therefore evolutionarily inferior to 'warm-blooded' (= endothermic) mammals and birds, data collected since the 1960s has resulted in significant re-evaluations and a complete reassessment of archosaur evolution, taxonomy, and inferred physiology and behaviour. Much of the relevant data emanates from the results of post WWII field work conducted in eastern Central Asia (particularly the Gobi Desert) by Russian, Polish and Mongolian palaeontologists. However, due to political, cultural and/or other reasons, there remained little scientific collaboration between them and western (particularly US) scientists until very recently. As a consequence, there developed a dichotomy in this field of archosaur research, not only between east and west, but also between Europe and the US. This thesis reviews the literature on archosaurs published world-wide from Jan 1960 - Dec 1984, with the emphasis on the important Central Asian/Gobi contributions, in order to evaluate the academic discussions that have arisen regarding archosaur evolution, physiology, behaviour, their relationship to the Aves, and the evolution of avian endothermy and flight.


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