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posted on 2024-02-29, 09:46 authored by Sovan Eng

Low-income households often struggle with accessing essential resources like housing, healthcare, and education. Overcoming these challenges requires innovative solutions. While many low-income individuals’ own vehicles, the potential of these vehicles as functional spaces remains largely unexplored. This thesis initially centered on how refugees could generate income using car interiors. However, the research direction shifted to harness the broader potential of car interiors as versatile, mobile workstations.

The study’s core aim is to determine the feasibility of multi-functional, foldable furniture in transforming a vehicle into a mobile office for a wider demographic. This transition shifted the project’s focus from specific furniture designs to the multifunctionality of the entire car space, emphasizing innovative interior architecture solutions.

The overarching research question is: How can the interior redesign of a car serve as a feasible workplace for low-income families? Through design-centric investigation and a case study analysis, this research offers insights and solutions for those relying on their cars as primary resources, aiming for both functionality and accessibility.


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