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A lost world: Pipi Park for Porirua harbour

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posted on 17.11.2022, 11:48 authored by Ghirmay, Michael

Previously the harbor was rich in fauna and flora sustained by the well-established habitats, and the first habitants benefited greatly from such abundance. Unfortunately, the present state of the harbor has little resemblance to that rich identity that existed. Many habitats, fauna, and flora have either been lost or are slowly fading away. The destruction caused by human activity to the harbor has greatly affected the pipi and decimated its population. The loss of the pipi community has also meant that the connection that existed between the people and the pipi has ceased. The experience that people may currently receive can in some respects be considered very poor for a location of that kind. Due to this, the imagination is left unstimulated. The harbor’s edge is filled with gravel, rocks, and debris, making it unsuitable for activities. The pipi, as a species greatly affected by such changes, is the window through which we can connect to this reality which is stretched throughout space and time. This thesis aims to use design and augmented reality to connect people with a hidden reality. Furthermore, it aims to bridge the gap between the person and the environment which occurred through negative human activities and narrow thinking. The physical design of this project will once again enable people to have a close interaction with the harbor’s edge as it was historically. Augmented reality will be used as a window to a sad reality already hinted at by the physical forms. These changes will ensure a reality rich in experiences fueled by what’s been designed and AR that stimulates the imagination.


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