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A Selected Annotated Bibliography of the  resources on the Perceptions and Attitudes  in Relation to People Who Stutter: Covering  the Period from 1990 to the Present Day

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posted on 2021-11-10, 05:32 authored by Hwang, Kyu Won

Stuttering, or fluency disorder, is one of the most baffling and debilitating communication disorders of all time. Research has shown that people with stuttering suffer from a range of negative emotions and that strong negative stereotypes of stutterers exist in society. Some of the most important factors in stuttering treatment have been known to be the perceptions and attitudes toward and of stutterers. To assist practitioners and researchers in the related field, a selective annotated bibliography has been complied on the basis of the two key concepts of perception and attitude and their relationships with stuttering. Access points are offered via generic index at the end.


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