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We Thought We Knew What Summer Was

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posted on 08.01.2021, 04:30 by Susan Ballard, Hannah Brasier, Sholto Buck, David Carlin, Sophie Langley, Joshua Lobb, Brigid Magner, Catherine McKinnon, Rose Michael, Peta Murray, Francesca Rendle-Short, Lucinda Strahan, Stayci Taylor
Overwhelming catastrophic events have become part of the ‘new normal’ of climate change. This essayistic, collaborative lived experience report by a group of writers, each of whom lived through Australia’s 2019—2020 Black Summer of catastrophic bushfires, demonstrates how the effects of shared but different proximate relations can produce an affective, care-ful account of the lived experience of climate change. Our project asks: how might a practical entanglement with others allow for a meaningful response to climate change? How might collaboration allow for a mode that places care at the centre of writing practice?


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Ballard, S., Brasier, H., Buck, S., Carlin, D., Langley, S., Lobb, J., Magner, B., McKinnon, C., Michael, R., Murray, P., Rendle-Short, F., Strahan, L. & Taylor, S. (2020). We Thought We Knew What Summer Was. Axon: Creative Explorations, 10(2).

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Axon: Creative Explorations





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