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The Bostrychia tenella species complex: Morphospecies and genetic cryptic species with resurrection of B. binderi

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posted on 2021-03-23, 21:24 authored by Giuseppe ZuccarelloGiuseppe Zuccarello, N Muangmai, Maren Preuss, LB Sanchez, SL De Göer, JA West
© 2015 International Phycological Society. The question of whether morphological differences observed in specimens is due to multiple species or one variable species has always caused problems for taxonomists. The most recent taxonomic treatment of the 'Bostrychia tenella species complex' suggested that much of the morphological variation represented a single highly variable entity. We used molecular data from all three genomes to clarify the phylogeny, species status and phylogeography of samples collected worldwide and also in sympatry of this complex. Our data strongly support five genetic species in this complex, but only three morphological entities were recognized. The first, divided into two genetic species, fits characters associated with B. binderi, occasionally possessing short monosiphonous determinate laterals but lacking them most of the time. We therefore resurrect B. binderi, even though we could not assign a name to either of the two genetic species, as we are missing molecular evidence from the type specimen. One genetic species was morphologically recognized as B. montagnei. Another lineage consisted of the two genetic species that fall into a new circumscription of B. tenella, with long monosiphonous determinate laterals. Again we were unable to assign either of these two lineages to a type, nor could we find morphological differences between the two lineages. Many of the genetic species have worldwide distributions, except for B. montagnei, which appears to be restricted to the Americas. Our molecular-assisted taxonomy has helped clarify some of the morphological variation within the B. tenella species complex into three named species, but two cryptic species were still recognized that remain morphologically cryptic. This is an Accepted Manuscript of an article published by Taylor & Francis in 'Phycologia' on 2015-05-01, available online:


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Zuccarello, G. C., Muangmai, N., Preuss, M., Sanchez, L. B., De Göer, S. L. & West, J. A. (2015). The Bostrychia tenella species complex: Morphospecies and genetic cryptic species with resurrection of B. binderi. Phycologia, 54(3), 261-270.

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