Reading speed improvement in a speed reading course and its effect on language memory span

2020-06-22T23:42:10Z (GMT) by TNY Tran Paul Nation
Several studies have shown positive effects of a speed reading course on students' reading speed improvement (Chung & Nation, 2006; Macalister, 2008, 2010). Yet, little research has aimed to see if the speed increase transfers to other types of reading and if it has any effects on other language skills. This study set out to answer these questions and examine the relationships between EFL reading speed, reading comprehension, and memory span by looking at the comprehension scores and language memory span results. It was found that the reading speed improvement in the speed reading course transferred to other types of reading and did not necessarily negatively affect comprehension. The results demonstrated that the treatment groups considerably expanded their memory span (p<.05). Strong relationships between speed increases in the speed reading course, speed improvement in other types of reading and memory span development were also found. © Centre for Language Studies National University of Singapore.