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Integrating Reading, Writing, Listening, and Speaking with Visuals

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posted on 30.04.2020, 01:28 by Aynur Ismayilli KarakocAynur Ismayilli Karakoc
Daily activity: reading a book The technique provided here offers an integrated-skills activity. Students should be able to read the description of a visual image, describe their own visuals, read and collect information from other students' writing, and speak about what they have found. This activity can be adapted for nearly any language level. It does not highlight grammar; however, the activity can address a wide range of targeted grammar points, as learners practice using the targeted grammar as they carry out the activity. The example given here uses the simple past tense as an illustration of how the technique works in practice in an elementary-level class. The required time is approximately 45 minutes; however, that may vary depending on the number of students and other variables. Necessary materials include a sample visual (photo) with a brief description to provide a model for students; questions related to this description; students' own photos showing any daily activity; an information chart (see Figure 1); glue, tape, or staples; and colorful paper and colored pencils (optional). Students may use their own photos or other images, including pictures from magazines, newspapers, or the Internet. PREPARATION This example demonstrates how the technique can give students practice using the simple past tense with the general topic of daily activities. Students should already have vocabulary knowledge related to the topic.


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