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Indigenous Cultural Knowledge for Therapeutic Landscape Design

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posted on 2021-02-08, 16:50 authored by Jacqueline McIntosh, Bruno MarquesBruno Marques, William Hatton
The meanings of place and the relationship between place and health have culturally specific dimensions. This is of particular importance for indigenous people and communities as often regarding landscape as part of a circle of life, establishing a holistic perspective about health and wellbeing. The indigenous Māori of Aotearoa/New Zealand contend that their relationship with the land shapes how the cultural, spiritual, emotional, physical, and social wellbeing of people and communities are expressed. Few studies have explored the influence of the cultural beliefs and values on health, in particular the intricate link between land and health. This chapter broadens the understanding of therapeutic landscapes through the exploration of specific cultural dimensions. It contributes to the expanding body of research focusing on the role of therapeutic landscapes and their role in shaping health, through the development of new research methods.


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McIntosh, J., Marques, B. & Hatton, W. (n.d.). Indigenous Cultural Knowledge for Therapeutic Landscape Design.


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