Task repetition and the public performance of speaking tasks in EFL classes at a Vietnamese high school

2020-07-31T21:04:36Z (GMT) by Jonathan Newton Bao Trang Thi Nguyen
Abstract This study investigated the occurrence of language-related episodes (LREs) in interactive tasks performed by pairs of Vietnamese English Foreign Language (EFL) learners and the extent to which linguistic knowledge targeted in these LREs was transferred to subsequent public performance (PP) of the same tasks in front of the class. Task performance data was collected from 24 pairs of learners from six intact grade 11 EFL classes at a Vietnamese high school as they carried out two interactive speaking tasks in consecutive weeks, first privately in pairs and then, within the same lesson, publically in front of the class. Teachers and learners were also interviewed. Results showed LREs to be frequent in task rehearsals. The majority of LREs were resolved correctly by the learners and led to more accurate use of the targeted linguistic items in subsequent public performance. The results and supporting interview data shows how, in this school, the practice of asking learners to repeat the performance of tasks in front of the class positively affected learner engagement and enriched the language learning opportunities available through interactive oral tasks.